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T Shirts Harajuku Fashion Native

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Now, Enjoy your shopping!!!(^ _ ^) Our clothes have higher quality!

Children's size: 110cm-160cm

Adult size: XXS-6XL

Size: 110cm, Bust: 66cm, Length: 46cm, Shoulder: 30cm

Size: 120cm, Bust: 68cm, Length: 49cm, Shoulder: 32cm

Size: 130cm, Bust: 72cm, Length: 52cm, Shoulder: 33cm

Size: 140cm, Bust: 76cm, Length: 55cm, Shoulder: 34cm

Size: 150cm, Bust: 80cm, Length: 58cm, Shoulder: 35cm

Size: 160cm, Bust: 84cm, Length: 61cm, Shoulder: 36cm

Size: XXS, Bust: 80cm, Length: 58cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Sleeve: 17cm

Size: XS, Bust: 84cm, Length: 60cm, Shoulder: 38cm, Sleeve: 17cm

Size: S, Bust: 90cm, Length: 63cm, Shoulder: 40cm, Sleeve: 18cm

Size: M, Bust: 96cm, Length: 68cm, Shoulder: 44cm, Sleeve: 18cm

Size: L, Bust: 98cm, Length: 70cm, Shoulder: 46cm, Sleeve: 19cm

Size: XL, Bust: 102cm, Length: 72cm, Shoulder: 49cm, Sleeve: 19cm

Size: 2XL, Bust: 108cm, Length: 74cm, Shoulder: 51cm, Sleeve: 20cm

Size: 3XL, Bust: 116cm, Length: 76cm, Shoulder: 53cm, Sleeve: 21cm

Size: 4XL, Bust: 122cm, Length: 78cm, Shoulder: 55cm, Sleeve: 23cm

Size: 5XL, Bust: 130cm, Length: 80cm, Shoulder: 57cm, Sleeve: 23cm

Size: 6XL, Bust: 133cm, Length: 82cm, Shoulder: 58cm, Sleeve: 25cm

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